Janitorial Services

You'll love our Commercial Cleaning Services, we Guarantee it!

It's a fact

Working with a commercial cleaning company can be stressful and unreliable.

We're here to help solve the problem with solutions that fit your scope & budget.

The cleanliness of your facility reflects the image of your company with customers, employees and vendors. Jack Laurie Cleaning Services is here to help maintain your interiors and keep them looking their best. Our hands-on management and 90-Day or it’s Free Guarantee set us apart from our competition.

Our People

Let’s face it, there are a lot of Indianapolis and Fort Wayne janitorial services you can hire that promise reliability and expertise. However, with a national labor shortage, delivering on that promise is difficult for some.

It all comes down to people. That’s what makes Jack Laurie Cleaning Services in the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis areas different. From our hands-on management team to our dedicated cleaning services recruiters and employee benefits – we have the systems in place to ensure our final product is above your standards.

We understand that the most important members of our team are those who play a central part – our custodians, janitors and floor technicians. We foster a culture of safety, cohesion and provide an incentive program to encourage impeccable results every day.

The foundation of our business is our core values.  On any day, you will hear people reference “I ACT” which stands for:





Every decision we make revolves around our core values – it’s what sets us apart from the competition.     

Our Processes

All of our technicians are trained and Clean Check tested and certified, we keep SDS books at each location where our chemicals are stored, as well as a complete SDS book in each company vehicle. 

When we look at janitorial, we use concepts like Lean, Team and Zone cleaning.  Not every facility is the same, so we make determinations on which concept or concepts will best allow us to deliver exceptional service to our customers.  These methods ensure accountability, facilitate employee engagement, reduce waste, resulting in a great service experience.

Our janitorial division uses a four color towel system to ensure that germs and bacteria are not transferred from one fixture to another.  One colored towel is designated strictly for toilets, another color for the remainder of the restroom, one for glass, and another color for additional surfaces such as desks.  We use this same method with mops ensuring that the mop used in the restroom is not used in the cafeteria.  


Why hire our janitorial team for your facility?

-Our team builds a plan to fit your scope and budget.

-We dedicate an internal cleaning services recruiter that will staff your specific assignment.

-Our cleaning technicians are extensively trained.

-Our professional managers supervise your specific needs, achieving maximum results.