How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost

Or, rather, how much should it cost?

There’s nothing more frustrating than Googling how much a certain service costs, only to find a ton of blogs that say … well, it depends. That’s technically true, but this is not that blog.

Our prices range from about 7 to 15 cent per square foot, depending on a number of factors. That’s on a monthly basis for daily cleaning, so for a 20,000 square foot building that works out to $1,400 to $3,000 per month. (As you would expect, weekly cleaning is far less.)

Our rates are not always the cheapest, and they’re not the most expensive. What we truly believe is that they’re the most affordable. You’re getting comprehensive cleaning and sanitation that is consistently and properly managed, meaning less hassle for you.

If you’re paying much less than 7 cents per square foot, the service is likely cutting corners: doing enough so you don’t complain too often but skipping deep cleaning and details. If you’re paying significantly more than 15 cents, you’re probably being overcharged.

Why do janitorial service prices vary so much?

Seven to 15 cents is a pretty wide range, you might be thinking, particularly when you’re talking about tens of thousands of square feet. Why so much variation?

Our rates vary from one customer to the next depending on several factors, including:

  • The size of the facility — Larger spaces bring efficiencies of scale, allowing us to lower the per-square-foot price.
  • The layout and condition of the building — Some spaces are more difficult to clean than others because of the age of the building or how it was designed. For example, old ceramic tiles with grout lines are much harder to keep clean than modern epoxy floors.
  • The needs of the customer — Customers have different expectations when it comes to the particular tasks they’d like to have done, and how often. We’ll work with customers to adjust the scope of work up or down, adjusting the price accordingly.

From one cleaning service to another, price variations are due to factors such as the company’s operational efficiency, overhead and employee salaries. What many cleaning services won’t tell you is that prices also have a lot to with how detailed the cleaning is.

If you get an estimate that seems super low, ask for more details about what’s included before signing a contract. Request a checklist of all tasks that will be performed on each visit, and find out who keeps track of whether those tasks are completed each night or each week.

How can I get an exact price?

We don’t quote a customer until we’ve met with them in person and walked the building. Any reputable service should examine your space and talk to you about the scope of work before offering a price. Otherwise, a lot of guesswork is involved.

If you’re on the hunt for a new cleaning service and you’re ready to take the next step, go to our chat window now.  We’re ready to assist you!