5 Reasons Resinous/Epoxy Floors Are the Best Choice for Schools

5 Reasons Resinous/Epoxy Floors Are the Best Choice for Schools

School flooring takes a lot of abuse. Every day you have hundreds or thousands of feet traipsing in and out, spreading dirt, slush and salt as they go. Not to mention all the germs and bacteria…

There are many flooring materials that are perfectly functional in a school environment — carpet tiles, polished concrete, vinyl composition tile (VCT) — but when schools ask what we recommend, the answer is almost always resinous flooring, particularly in high-traffic areas and places like the kitchen where sanitation is important.

If you’re not familiar with resinous floors — perhaps better known by the Epoxy brand name — they are a thick coating that is applied directly over a concrete floor. A resin and a hardening chemical are combined, and the mixture is spread over smoothed concrete in several layers.

Resinous floors are highly customizable. You can choose the color, pattern and texture you want, even adding special designs, school logos, or decorative blends that include metallics or quartz. Other benefits include:

1. Easy to clean

Resinous floors are completely seamless, so there are no joints or grout lines to collect dirt and germs. The flooring is also impervious, so it will never absorb dirt or moisture. This makes resinous floors much faster and easier to clean than tile or vinyl. Your school will look cleaner, the environment will be healthier, and custodians will thank you.

2. Simple to maintain

There’s no wax/polish finish on resinous floors, so, of course, refinishing is never required. There are no grout lines to clean or redo — ever. And unlike other types of flooring, most solvents and cleaners will not eat through the floors. You can use the cleaning products you prefer without worrying about damaging the resinous coating.

3. Bacteria and germ resistant

Because resinous floors are impervious, they do not collect and absorb germs, bacteria, mold or bodily fluids like tile or carpeting do. This is particularly important in kitchen or cafeteria areas, where strict health and sanitation regulations must be followed.

4. Long lifespan

Resinous floors are highly resistant to nicks, chips, cracks, abrasions and discoloration. As long as the flooring is properly installed, it will far outlast ceramic tile, vinyl or carpeting.

5. Fewer slips and falls

We can easily add an aggregate material to any resinous floor to provide extra traction and slip resistance. This goes a long way toward preventing falls and injuries that frequently happen on slippery tile, particularly in the winter months.

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